Privacy Statement for the Shap website (
Ethical Policy
The SHAP website and members only area (including the SHAP online software) have been given ethical approval by the University of Southampton's School of Electronics and Computer Science (Ref: EP/08/01/009). Ethical approval was given under the following statement, and may be included in ethical applications made by users to their institutions.

"At no time will the software save the data entered by the user (clinician) or be able to identify the participant (patient) by the data entered. Users will be assigned a username and password when hiring or purchasing the SHAP. Usernames will be made invalid after a period of three months following a hire. This can be extended following prior agreement with the University."
What Personal Information is Collected?
  • When you visit the website, we may record anonymous website statistics including your IP address, and when particular pages are viewed.
  • When you purchase or hire a SHAP kit, we will collect personal information from you which may include your contact and billing details.
How is My Personal Information Used?
  • We use the anonymous website statistics to improve our services and for the purposes of marketing.
  • We use you contact and billing details to maintain your subscription (in the case of SHAP kit hire) and to contact you regarding services that we believe you may be interested in.
Is My Personal Information Secure?
Any details you give us will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not pass your data onto any third party without your expressed permission. If you wish to view, update or delete any information held by us, please contact us.

Is SHAP a Secure Website?
You may have noticed that the SHAP website does not use encrypted communication (such as SSL). This is not required as data that personally identifies you is not transmitted across the internet.
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